Advanced Staff Management: Task Assignment For Seamless Operation

Task assignment is part of staff management in our Booking Software. There are always many tasks to be done during daily operation at your karting track/family entertainment center. However, it is also not easy to track all the tasks among all your staff members. You probably have different employees with different job titles but sometimes they might forget certain tasks when it gets busy.

Our advanced task assignment system is definitely a handy tool for your managers and employees. It is made to help the daily operations and split the tasks between all your colleagues and employees. It can help you to track:

  • the tasks that need to be done
  • the time when the task is done
  • the person who needs to do/has done the task

You can create a task and you can also assign it to another user in the system. It is also possible to select and add a person who should be involved in the tasks as well.

Task Assignment Example: “Give Robin a Call for Confirmation”

Imagine you want to call a contact for a confirmation and you would like to put a reminder in the system. You can:

  1. create a task
  2. Select a kind (call, assignment, etc)
  3. Assign it to you or another user:  It will be automatically assigned to the user who is logged in as default, but you can always assign it to another user
  4. Add a memo, for example: “call Robin for confirmation” as a comment
  5. Link the person that you want to call/contact – it is not mandatory, but the person’s information will show in detail in the task, which will be convenient for the call.
  6. Set a priority: in case if it is urgent or important

Task Assignments linked to reservations

You are also able to create a task and link it to a reservation. You can easily do it from the Task Tab in the reservation. This way, it’s clear that the task is linked to that reservation and you won’t forget to call or email the client or do the needed task related to that reservation.

If you open a task and it’s linked to a reservation, you can check the reservation by clicking the ‘Reservation’ button at the left bottom.


Tasks Overview

You have an overview of all tasks, and you can filter only your tasks and only open tasks. It will show all tasks from 7 days ago up until 2 weeks in the future. If you need more, press ‘Load more tasks’ and you can select the period yourself. They will be shown based on date (today, future, past), state (open, done, cancelled), and then priority (normal, high).

For every task, there are 3 predefined actions:

  • Snooze: this will postpone it by 1 day by default. This can be changed in Settings – Project Kinds and then change the ‘valid for’ field
  • Postpone: you can set the new due date
  • Complete: this will set the task as Done

Close a Task

When you or your colleague finish a task, you can simply mark it as done and everyone who accesses the system can see that that the task has been finished.


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