Spring would not be spring if we didn’t use to do some clean-up in the closets.  Our user experience department has introduced a few new tweaks that should make your life a little bit better. We are trying to make more UI improvements to deliver a better user experience as well as an updated feeling of our software to our clients and users.

The goal was obviously to increase the usability and user-friendliness of the software.  With a combination of icons, colors, and clear messages, the software should help you use it better.

Here are some UI improvements:

  • A new clean set of matching icons
  • Nice and clear group headers

UI improvements

  • Clean and understandable icons for the member screen
  • Added filters on membership

Members UI improvements

  • Colorful buttons in your dialogs that help you visually decide.

2020-05-08 12_07_15-

2020-05-08 12_12_59-

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